Team 20


Driving is a task that many Americans undertake daily, it is a necessary function of human life today and will continue to be prevalent into the future. While this may be true, there will always be a need for added safety.


We aim to create a wireless backup camera system that is easy and accessible to install and use, while also being convenient and adding safety for the users driving experience.  

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Meet our team

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Justin Charles

Computer Engineer

Logistics lead:
1. Sensor and Camera hardware/software design
2. Communicate with team and course coordinators

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Austin Carroll

Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical Lead:
1.Camera Mount
2.Positioning system
3. 3-D printing


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Zhiyang Jin

Electrical Engineer

PCB lead:
1.Breadboard design and PCB design. 

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Exiang Zhou

Computer Engineer

Software Lead:
1.WIFI establishment and data transfer with cameras
2.Mobile software design and development 

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Finished prototype (Three cameras)

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System Diagram

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Mobile APP Diagram(Android)
User Interface

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First Interface (Android APP)

1.Application is based on Android 5.0.1 and OpenCV library. It can be adapted to any Android phone higher than this version. All connections and data transfers are via WIFI (Mobile Hotspot) 

2.The first layer of the screen can be connected to up to three cameras at the same time, displaying three directions together. The camera will automatically connect to the phone when it is turned on.

3.Clicking on any of the camera videos will take user to the secondary interface corresponding to it.  

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Second Interface (Android APP)

4. The second layer of the interface will zoom in on the corresponding camera screen so that the user can see more clearly 

5. Users can control the rotation of the camera by long press of the button to adjust to the desired angle

6. By clicking the button "Get Meters", the driver can get the distance to the obstacle from the sensor to better judge the distance. 

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28 header pins
264kB SRAM
2MB storage
Micro-USB B port for power and data
Take input voltage from 1.8-5.5v


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24BYJ-48 Stepper Motor

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Arducam 2mp

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HC-SR04 Distance sensor

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ULN2003 Motor Driver

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RP2040 Microcontroller

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Christopher V. Hollot
Faculty Advisor

Special thanks to Professor Christopher Hollot for advising our team.  

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