FPV Racing with a dynamic track and immersive controls

Team Members


Problem Statement

AR gaming has become quite popular these days, with more and more people becoming comfortable with devices such as facebook's meta quest and Htc’s Vive, VR space is more popular than ever. Yet going back in time, a great hobby that still rallies quite a large group of people is RC cars. We believed in the idea of bringing both of these concepts together to provide something both intuitive and fun.



  • Users remotely control the RC car from a first person view
  • Minimal physical intervention during the game
  • User has the ability to start and reset the game from the steering wheel

RC Car

  • Less than 60 ms system delay during gameplay
  • Car mounted camera relays real time video feed back to the user headset
  • Car battery lasts at least 1 hour of gameplay
  • Car gets stuck at most 1 time per game.


  • Cars trigger the sensor 95% of the time
  • System notified when specific car has passed through
  • Automatically update score when a car passes through
  • Users can manually reset the score on the archway


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