SMH - Safety Measuring Helmet

Stick On. Connect. Ride.

This easy to use device can be put on any helmet, connect to any smartphone, and keep you safe on any ride. SMH detects for any dangerous collisions over the course of a bike ride, and will alert an emergency contact with your GPS coordinates in such an event. Along with a variety of different features, SMH is sure to keep you safe on any trail!

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Problem Statement

Mountain biking is a popular sport, but the unfortunate truth is that there is the undeniable possibility of facing an injury when on a trail. To make this matter even worse, mountain biking trails can often be in a remote location, which means that if a biker endures a head injury and is incapable of using their phone to call for help, they could be stranded for hours.

There is a clear need for an affordable and easy-to-use device that will protect bikers in such an event. To address this problem, we present SMH, a smart biking helmet and associated sensing system.

Before riding, the user can attatch SMH to the helmet via a GoPro adhesive, and connect to the device via bluetooth on their phone. The device will then detect for any dangerous collisions.

In such an event, the rider's phone will automatically send out a text message to the rider's emergency contact with their GPS coordinates, and emit a loud beeping noise to alert anyone else in the area.

Along with a display of miscellaneous environmental and health centric data on the handlebars and an array of other features, the SMH is sure to keep you safe on any bike ride!


Detect Collisions Above 90 G's with 90% Accuracy

False Alarm Rate of 5% for Impacts up to 70G's

Detect Helmet Tightness of 1.2 Pounds of Force with 80% Accuracy

Message Sent Within 60 Seconds of Impact with 99% Success Rate

GPS is Accurate within 20 Meters

System Weight: 150 Grams

Temperature Accuracy: ±0.37°C

Humidity Accuracy: ±1.2% r.H.

Heart-Rate Accuracy: ±3.9 BPM

Altitude Accuracy: ±14.45 Meters

UV-Index accuracy: ±1 mW/m^2

Battery Life: ~2.5 Days

Cost: $50 (excluding helmet)


Step 1.) Peel off adhesive and stick onto helmet

Step 2.) Turn on device by using the switch under the enclosure

Step 3.) Open SMH app, and press connect to link with Bluetooth

Step 4.) Put on helmet, and tighten until you hear 3 beeps (indicating proper tightness)

Step 5.) Begin riding!


- Make sure battery is charged (3 LEDs = Full Charge, 2 LED's = Low Battery, 1 LED = System Almost Dead

- Make sure green LED is on to check that all systems are working

Make sure blue LED is on indicating there is a bluetooth connection with your phone.