Smart Pet Door

A Smart trained system that uses Machine learning to identify pets and keep owners aware of their pets activity.

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Problem Statement

Pet doors are a convenient way to give your pet the freedom to come and go when they please. Unfortunately, this convivence also extends to unwanted guests. There are some ”smart” solutions on the market but it is rare to find a smart pet door that allows the owner to monitor and control the system remotely.

Our smart pet door system solves both problems without requiring your pets to wear any special chips or tags. Our system uses powerful AI facial recognition and infrared sensors to make sure only your pets are entering your home. It also includes a fool proof backup facial recognition system – YOU!


Monitoring and Notification Subsystem

Capable of sending email and image notifications to owner when pet is detected outside/inside the pet door. It has the capabilites of differentiating between the pet and other animals. It will be able to send a notification if it detects animal motion outside the door.

Locking Subsystem

The system will be able to decide lock state on its own. Owner is requested to intervene when system is unsure.

Detection Subsystem

Detects motion of small animals both inside and outside. Can identify an animal in less than 5 sec. Camera and image classification will only turn on if outside or inside sensor detects motion. The system design itself allows nothing other than the pet to interact with the Door (Including wild animals & small children)


Introducing a state-of-the-art pet door that provides unparalleled convenience, safety, and peace of mind to pet owners everywhere. This pet door is equipped with a sophisticated camera system that can distinguish your pet from unwanted guests such as raccoons or prey, ensuring that only your furry friend has access to the door. The camera system operates both inside and outside the door, giving you full visibility of your pet's comings and goings. Remote locking and unlocking, with a "Hold" state option, allows you to control access to the door at all times, regardless of where you are.

Additionally, the pet door has a back-up notification system that alerts you in the event of recognition system failures or the presence of unwanted guests. With the pet in/out tracking system, you can keep track of your pet's movements and ensure that they are safe and sound. This pet door is the ultimate solution for pet owners who want to provide their pets with the freedom to come and go as they please, without compromising on safety or security.