Time to Leave

Team 21 has created a bracelet, Time to Leave bracelet, that allows guardians of certain young or elderly communities keep track of everyone and allow them to communicate with each person to easily inform them to come back together. This is an organizational solution which allows one to many communication. The bracelet is battery powered and wearable and has an app for easy management.

Team Members


Problem Statement

Elderly and young children are two examples of large groups without cellular devices that frequently struggle to reassemble in open spaces or during field trips.

Members of those groups have less experience as a result, and those in charge of overseeing these groups are under more pressure.


Hardware Specifications - It should Fit on a child’s wrist (4cm x 6cm approx). It should be comfortable to wear for 2-4 hours. It should be lightweightand have a comfortable band. It should have a battery life of 12 hours. It should be able to communicate effectively with user. The Parent device needs to be able to send data to all child devices. The Child devices should be able to send data to the parent device.And finally, the device should be able to communicate within 150m in an open field.

Software Specifications - It should be able to identify members of the system. It should be able to ignore noise and ID each device. It should be able to provide synchronous information (timer). It should be scalable for variable members. The parent device needs to be able to communicate with an app on a 3rd party device. The app is able to keep track of devices, relay received information to the parent device user. It should also provide network security to protect users.


We had an amazing experience designing this project from scratch. With the help of our advisor and evaluators, as well as the course coordinators, we learned how to make our project goals attainable as well as create a project that all of us would be proud of. We came across certain challenges during the project but faced them head on and with the helpful guidance of the course coordinators came across them. Time to Leave bracelet exceeded some of the goals we had set for ourselves and made us very proud. We are thankful to the ECE Department for allowing us the opportunity to put everything we have learned in the past 4 years to work.

Team 21 would like to thank Professor Pishro-Nik for his guidance throughout the year. We would also like to thank Professor Burleson and Professor Xia for their feedback and evaluation on our project. We would like to thank the 415/416 course coordinators, M5 and the ECE department for all their help.