Frame of Knowledge

The Frame of Knowledge is a teaching toy designed to help teach numbers and letters to pre-k and kindergarten aged children. It also provides a way to help teachers analyze their students’ scores and monitor for improvements.

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Problem Statement

Many students struggle with keeping pace in class due to various reasons such as home-related stress or difficulties in comprehending the material. These students often necessitate additional support and an alternative teaching approach to thrive. Offering more engaging learning methods can enhance their motivation and learning capacity.

With teacher guidance, a single device can assist multiple students within a classroom, proving more cost-effective than hiring a tutor. The Frame of Knowledge, being interactive and engaging, offers a fun and memorable learning experience for students. It also monitors student progress, enabling teachers to review and pinpoint areas where students may require further assistance.


The device is designed to feature an easy-to-use LED matrix that facilitates drawing of letters, numbers, and symbols. This interactive platform includes sensors specifically engineered to detect stylus movements from the user, thus capturing their inputs effectively. The system is built with endurance in mind and remains operational for at least 8 hours, thereby catering to extended learning sessions. Notably, the device is embedded with an accurate classification algorithm capable of identifying hand-drawn sketches, numbers, and letters with a remarkable 95% accuracy rate. It is programmed to finalize a guess only if it is confident there isn’t another possible answer, ensuring reliability in its operations.

Furthermore, the algorithm is run from an embedded device, enhancing its performance and efficiency. The device maintains a comprehensive record of student activity, displaying at least the last 61 drawings of each student. This aids in tracking the progress of the learners and understanding their learning patterns. The system is also proficient in displaying student metrics with unerring accuracy. It ensures 100% accuracy for at least 75% of the data in the database, thus providing teachers with a reliable tool for assessing and improving the learning process of their students.


The Frame of Knowledge is designed to be an interactive and easy-to-use tool. Start by observing the given prompt as it guides you on how to write a particular letter or number. This is an engaging way to learn, allowing you to visually see and understand the formation of each character. Next, choose your preferred color to draw with. Once you feel confident, draw the given prompt on the device. If you're not satisfied with your first attempt, simply hit the 'clear' button and try again.

After you've drawn your character, submit your work. The OLED display will indicate whether the machine learning algorithm has accepted your drawing. You will have three attempts to have your drawing accepted. If it is, congratulations! You've successfully learned to write a new character. You will then be provided with a new prompt to continue your learning journey. The Frame of Knowledge is not just about teaching you to write - it's about making the process fun, interactive, and memorable. Happy drawing!