Smart FlowerPot

The plant monitoring system you need to keep up with your plant's needs that connects right to your phone!

Team Members


Problem Statement

Plants have been proven to improve mental health, reduce stress, and, of course, serve as decoration. But with hectic lives, it can be difficult to keep up with their individual needs to ensure their health.

Our team proposed a device that connects to your phone detailing specific actions to care for your plant as needed. This way, you can keep your plants growing happily and healthily without worrying about the state of your plant.


Our low-powered, self-sufficient, portable device connects right to your phone for easy access and worry-free plant care. Our app details the current state of your plant and contains historical information about the health of your plant so you can track over time, through different seasons, how the care and needs of your plant changes.

Our database contains care requirements for over 30 different types of plants. After entering in the plant type and pot dimensions, the app will access the database and allow for custom care. This takes the stress of plant health off the shoulders of the user and ensures it will be monitored at all times of the day as our device collects new data every hour.


Our app connects to our device using the HC-05 Bluetooth module. When opening the app, the user will be prompted to enter the dimensions of their pot and the type of plant they intend to grow. Our app connects to our database to compare sensor outputs with researched plant care needs. When the plant needs water, the user will get a notification dictating how much water the plant needs. We calculated this number by using the dimensions of the pot and finding the necessary water.

For example, if a plant requires the top three inches of soil to be dry before the next watering and the cylindrical pot height and radius are 8” and 3” respectively, the app will calculate the volume using height = 5”. All measurements will be converted to cm and the volume will be multiplied by a constant to tell the user how many cups of water the plant needs. This, along the temperature, humidity, and light sensors will keep your plant healthy and growing.