Team 16 Presents:

Project Oasis

An Automated Indoor Hydroponic System

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Problem Statement

The inability to provide ideal growing conditions for house plants can be challenging for individuals who desire to have plants in their homes. Factors such as limited natural light exposure or extended periods of absence from home can lead to inadequate care for plants. As a result, there is a need to develop a solution that can support plant growth and survival under such conditions. Project Oasis is one such solution that aims to address this problem. The objective of this project is to provide a suitable environment for house plants that can facilitate their growth and survival in the absence of ideal growing conditions or when the owner is away.


  • System simulates Day/Night cycle for plant growth
  • Lights remain within 10cm of tallest plant
  • System uses appropriate light frequencies for plant growth
  • User can define light frequencies
  • Light subsystem is mounted on main body
  • Light subsystem dimensions do not exceed 90cm x 30cm x 120cm
  • Lights move up to 10cm when plant is within 1cm
  • System distributes Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Sodium to plants
  • System corrects for nutrient imbalances
  • System detects and adjusts water pH
  • Plant-beds do not exceed 30cm x 120cm x 15cm
  • System can contain at least three Basil plants
  • System has auxiliary reservoir for nutrients
  • System has water distribution and circulation
  • Nutrient and water distribution system is no more than 12cm in diameter and spans the plant-bed
  • Plants can be inserted directly into nutrient distribution system with holes no more than 6cm in diameter and no less than 24cm apart


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