A physical game board with technology
integration to provide immersive experience
of board games

Team Members


Professor Yao
Department of ECE
Faculty Advisor


Chengwen Sun
Computer Engineering
App and Website Lead


Yan Chen
Computer Engineering
Team coordinator
Algorithm and embedded system lead


Jianyuan Wu
Eletrical Engineering
PCB design and integration lead


Xu Huang
Eletrical Engineering
Budget and design lead

Problem Statement and Our Solution

With the development of technology, traditional board games like Gomoku and Go, have changed from traditional offline in-person competition to online remote cloud competition. Although this shift saves time and economic costs for players, the essence of board games remains at face-to-face interaction while psychological confrontation occurs at the same time.

To realize the goal of an immersive experience of board games. Whether in person or online, we are determined to build a physical platform with technology integration to help the user to have a better experience when they are enjoying the game. To do this, we introduce Bored?Board, with two primary games: Gomoku and Go which has PvP ,PvC with our AI , physical feedbacks at the same time.

Specifications and Testing plans


1. System shall have indication after the piece is pressed.

2. System shall have illumination of button from the position calculated by the computer.

3. System shall have indication of the winner for each game.

4. System shall let user change the game mode.

5. System shall receive position data from the player and computer


6. System shall have indication after the piece is pressed within 0.5 sec

7. System shall have illumination of button from the position calculated by computer within 1 sec.

8. System shall last on battery for at least 2 hours.

Testing plan

1. Press a specific piece on the board, LED lights up. Other pieces unchanged.

2. When it’s computer’s turn, the board should have only one piece changing its color.

3. The Board should indicate winner at game end, no progress indications during play.

4. Every time when the user opens the app, a game mode (choose game/difficulty/PvC or PvP) setting should pop up.

5. After players/computer decide which piece to change, the position data should be shown on the App UI.

6&7. Having a timer to calculate the time between the interaction of the system and the player.

8. Do a battery drain test to make sure that the battery can last at least 2 hours.

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