Team 10 - iWerk-Out Trainer

iWerk-Out (Integrated Workout Education and posture Review Kit) is designed to take your workouts to the next level. We created this system which is capable of instructing and guiding a user to perform exercises correctly. It evaluates and enhances their form and posture to reduce the risk of getting injuries, using our pressure sensing mat and machine vision algorithm to help users get those gainz.

Team Members


Problem Statement

Maintaining a personal exercise routine has benefits for both physical and mental health; however, those who have not exercised before may be overwhelmed by the idea of learning various exercises or intimidated by the thought of not working out correctly and causing injury.

We created a system capable of instructing the user to perform various exercises correctly, evaluating their form, and providing feedback. It is designed to help users understand if their form during a particular workout is incorrect and our very own Mr. Stickman gives feedback to them. The gainz are stonks. We go jim.


1) The user will be able to select from 6 exercise poses to perform and receive feedback on.

2) The system will be able to detect proper exercise posture greater than or equal to 85% of the time, for people from 5-6 feet tall. Posture within 10 degrees of “ideal” shall be considered correct to cater to different body types.

3) The system will reliably be able to detect when an individual has or has not placed a hand/foot in the correct place on the mat.

4) The system will be able to reliably map up to 16 “nodes” (e.g., shoulder, wrist, knee, etc.) onto the user while they are in full view of the camera and within a range of 12 ft.

5) Pressure mat subsystem will accurately determine which sensors are actuated for users between 5 to 6 feet in height.

6) System will first determine if the user is in the correct starting position based on sensor information. If correct sensors are actuated, user will receive instruction on selected exercise, and CV software will run, allowing for stickman expression feedback.

7) The system will be able to provide feedback on their form to the user at roughly video rate (updates 30x per sec.) during their workout using the stickman expression .


Thank you for checking out our project :)