Whose Hoo?

We have created a birdfeeder which passively captures audio and images and connects to a laptop application via WiFi. The audio gets analyzed and our application generates reports for the user to understand what birds were in their yard that day.

Team Members


Problem Statement

Many people would love to know what birds are in their yard, but do not have the patience to manually record images and audio of their backyard daily.

Whose Hoo? allows users to sit back and relax while the automated image and audio capture occurs, then the user can easily transfer and view the data!


Our critical specifications were as follows: Scheduled and passive audio recording, Take pictures only when birds eat at the feeder, Feeder stores audio and image data until transmission ends, Remote connection to user desktop application, Capture no more than 3 images per feeder approach, & Capable of storing 100+ images and 3-5 hours of audio.

Our system meets all of these specifications outlined to the left.


Above, you can see our slideshow for our FPR presentation.

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