Stop & Stock

Stop & Stock is a smart produce display that can detect changes in stock for each station as well as customer approaches in real-time, upload the information to a data file, and display the data on live graphs. Employees are notified via email whenever a station's stock dips below a presentation threshold.

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Problem Statement

An issue that two-thirds of in-store shoppers faced in 2021 was out-of-stock products in their supermarkets. This issue only intensified as labor shortages hit the large scale supermarkets, making it increasingly difficult for employees to efficiently stock the shelves.

Due to a lack of knowledge of what needs restocking, employees have to waste time finding out what products they need to bring out. There is also the issue of employees overstocking perishable items, causing large amounts of waste due to a lack of knowledge on how much needs to be restocked.


The system must be composed of stations, visual displays, and a database server powered and connected through wired connections. Each station shall be capable of measuring the changing amount of items in stock within a 10% margin of error and detecting the presence of a customer near it with a probability of ≥ 90%.

Each station must be capable of simultaneously sending measurements through the system into the database. Once a station’s stock dips below assigned presentation thresholds, employees will be notified via a visual display and notification.


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