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Problem Statement

Everyone has been in a situation where either you or the person you are talking to needs to interrupt the conversation in order to look something up. It breaks the train of thought, causes you to divert attention away from the speaker, and in some cases can be rude. Or maybe you cannot keep up with a lecture, and end up losing valuable intuition about a subject simply because you do not understand a term.

Therefore, we decided to develop a system to mitigate this problem and automate the entire reference searching and note taking process during a conversation. Convo-sense listens to conversation between two peole and does offline analysis to find out relevant context and keywords of the conversation. This preserves user privacy and automates reference searching and note taking for the user.


Convo-Sense operates on a Raspberry Pi and uses optimized NLP models to make the user experience flawless. Specifications of the system are:

  • Capable of detecting conversation from up to 6 feet away.
  • Audio signal converted to digital text with 95% accuracy from close range and 87% accuracy from 6 feet away.
  • Captures more than 110 words per minute. Supports four user professions (Engineer, Medical, Financial, and Law).
  • Displays reference material in less than 6 seconds from the time of speech.
  • Compatible with any system so long as there is an internet connection and microphone support.



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