Team 3 — Green2House

Green2House aims to help hobbyists and growers get greens-to-(their)-house

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Problem Statement

As people strive for healthier lifestyles and sustainable living, they often face significant challenges in achieving these goals efficiently. One popular solution is home gardening, but while it offers potential benefits, it also introduces a host of new problems. Primarily, the act of growing your own plants can be a tedious process, requiring constant care, attention, and a significant time commitment.


1. Operates outside between 32°F and 89.6°F with ± 9°F deviation from user input

2. Maintains humidity with ±10% accuracy from given setting

3. Capable of providing 1 gallon of water per week to plants

4. Remotely controllable and offers pre-programmed environment settings for plants

5. Self-powered for 2.5 days ± 6 hours off on one full battery charge



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